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Meet the composers and the team around them.

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Pierre-Luc Rioux is a Montreal-born award-nominated guitar player, songwriter, score composer, and music producer. His guitar performances and compositions have been featured on tracks by international chart-topping artists, including David Guetta, Avicii, Usher, Sia, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Nick Jonas, and Celine Dion. His work appears on songs that, combined, have received over one billion hits on YouTube, sold millions of copies worldwide, and reached number-one spots in the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, and many other countries.

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Sari Dajani is an outstanding artist in the Canadian music scene. In performance, on tour, on television or in the studio, his creativity and the range of his capacity for expression have earned him the admiration of the public and the critics. Besides his talents as a singer and musician, Sari is also a songwriter as well as a producer. He has written, arranged and produced for some of the best national and international performers, as well as for several films and television shows.


Recipient of 5 awards from the prestigious Billboard Magazine in the US, and the Parent Choice Award in the US for best audio production for children, he is also the recipient (alongside Iohann Martin and Rudy Toussaint) of 2 SOCAN awards Award for Television Music (National) as well as 9 Gemini Award nominations. With more than 20 participations in the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Sari is the artist who brings us music inspired by jazz, pop and an ethno-beat with an international flavor.



A studio wizard, Rudy Toussaint can manipulate machines to manufacture sounds  that surpass even the manufacturor's imagination.


Rudy Toussaint has won 10 SOCAN awards so far in his career namely for the outstanding theme of the scientific program '' How It's Made ''. 


For over 20 years, Rudy Toussaint, endowed with extraordinary versatility, has been composing music for himself and for Dazmo.


A classically trained musician, Rudy Toussaint is a soundcrafter who builds bridges between all  styles of music. The nature of his work has allowed him to develop sounds from Ancient Greece to Hip Hop, Italian Tarentella and more.




Iohann is the CEO of Dazmo Group.


He had the great fortune of growing up in an environment that celebrated artistic talent in all its forms. Iohann spent countless hours watching musicians make magic. His parents impressed upon him the value of cultural expression: music, dance, film, storytelling, food – those were the pillars of his childhood. Raw, artistic talent was everything.


Switching to another dimension of the entertainment industry, he started working as a production assistant on film and TV sets. In the mid-90s he met his wife, Mitsou, a singer and popular figure in the Quebec entertainment industry. They founded Dazmo Music in 1997 and started producing music for TV shows and advertising campaigns.


An entrepreneur for many years, he was able to develop several complementary businesses while managing Mitsou’s career. He now plays the roles of President of Dazmo Group, music producer and artist manager. Iohann Martin is a visionary, inspiring, energetic, and determined leader.



Mitsou Gélinas has been part of the Quebec cultural landscape since her earliest childhood. In 1986 she blasted the music industry with the release of the popular song Bye Bye mon cowboy. This daring piece, taken from his album El Mundo, marks the start of his musical career which will count 7 albums. Quebec and English Canada fell under the spell of the beautiful performer and propelled the titles The Chinese, La Corrida, Mademoiselle Anne, Dis-moi Dis-moi, Lettre à un cowboy, Le Yaya, As I always want to to love, Everybody Say Love, Deep Kiss to the rank of immense successes. She won two Félix awards at the Adisq gala, namely "Discovery of the Year" and "Best First Album".


Singer, actress, entrepreneur, magazine director, radio and TV host, spokesperson for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. She is currently the helm of Mitsou and Sébastien, the drive home show broadcast throughout the Rythme FM network.


She is the co-founder of the Dazmo group and is its vice-president.

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With a bachelor's degree in communication, Emilie has overseen the delivery of all of Dazmo's projects for more than 10 years.


She is also the executive assistant to Mitsou and Iohann.

Her sense of organization, her assertiveness, her friendly and sociable personality are essential assets to the team.


No detail escapes her eagle eyes. She is the pivot at Dazmo.

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