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We believe Creativity has a sound


Created in 1997, Dazmo is a musical universe that responds to the sonic fantasies of directors and offers producers technical and creative support from the start to the very end of a project.


Montreal's Dazmo specializes in scoring, music composition and songwriting for sync: TV, film and advertising. Dazmo also produces cover songs and has song clearance services.

Dazmo is one of the truly outstanding team of composers/songwriters to emerge from the Canadian music scene. The team has scored and produced music for over 100 TV shows and 25 films, a multitude of music for advertising. They have penned songs, arranged and produced albums for many performers nationally and internationally. Sari Dajani, Iohann Martin, Pierre Luc Rioux and Rudy Toussaint form the core of the team of composer/producer at Dazmo.

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